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Inspiring Human Experience

WavesTech embodies an idea forged through over 15 years of experience in the technology and engineering design sector. Each project has taught us to approach the next one as if it were unique, always with the goal of creating unforgettable spaces. "Inspiring Human Experience".

Innovation, Commitment, Quality, Collaboration, and Social Impact. We base success on our ability to take bold steps, to venture down different paths from the ones already established. We are "Human-Centric," where physical or virtual spaces must fulfill their mission, and technology is merely a means to that end.

Luis Vizoso
Partner Director

WavesTech Style

Reunión del proyecto

01. KNOW

First and foremost, we start by immersing ourselves in our clients' world. We aim to thoroughly comprehend what they are looking for, becoming enthusiasts of their preferred designs and genres. Instead of being separated by a desk, we sit side by side, looking at the same thing. It creates a sense of connection and a shared perspective.

Urbano moderno diseño de interiores


We believe that a space truly comes together when every technological component within it functions harmoniously. We don't set strict boundaries on our scope; instead, we actively pursue and explore ideas, even those that may not be explicitly requested, in order to enhance our unique identity.

Tres compañeros de trabajo


We believe that a genuine space is forged when every element within it functions seamlessly. We do not set boundaries on our domain; instead, we actively embrace our unique identity by occasionally presenting proposals that may not have been explicitly requested. We view this as a method to expand possibilities and exceed expectations, without confining ourselves

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Company Name

General Manager

Waves Tech Studio SL

Luis Vizoso


C/ Nuñez Morgado 7

28036 Madrid (Spain)

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march 2022

CIF / Buss. Act.

74202. Engineering technical services

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